How To Cancel GST/HST Account

How To Cancel GST/HST Account

In order to terminate your GST account, you need to complete form RC145 - Request to Close Business Number (BN) Accounts - provided by the CRA. The completed form can be either mailed or faxed to your tax services office.

There are a few things you need to be aware of before you cancel your GST/HST account as there will be a financial impact.

1. When you are a small supplier, you must have your GST/HST account open for at least twelve months before you can close/cancel your registration.

2. When you cancel your registration, any non-capital property held in supply is deemed to be sold/disposed of at fair market value (FMV). You will be responsible for collecting GST/HST on these items and reporting/remitting it to CRA on your last return.

3. Any capital property the business owns is considered / deemed sold under change of use rules. You must self assess and pay GST/HST at that time because you have changed the primary use from commercial to non-commercial.

4. If you have any prepaid arrangements, you must adjust your final return for any input tax credits provided after you close your account.

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