Microsoft Excel tips posts

Microsoft Excel tips posts

My Microsoft Excel tips posts are articles and tutorials that provide helpful advice and instructions for using Microsoft Excel, a widely-used spreadsheet software program.

My posts cover a variety of topics such as tips for organizing and analyzing data, using formulas and functions, creating charts and graphs, and automating tasks with macros.

My posts are intended to help users improve their efficiency and productivity when working with Excel.

Articles & Tips

Simplify Invoicing with Our Dynamic Template!
Streamline your invoicing process by using our dynamic template, offering the convenience of generating multiple invoices within a template effortlessly. Introducing our dynamic and user-friendly Invoice Template - your ultimate tool for hassle-free invoicing! Key Features and enhanced attributes:…
Canadian Mortgage/Loan Calculator - free Microsoft Excel template
This Excel Canadian mortgage calculator allows you to determine the payment and remaining balance for a mortgage based on various input parameters such as the term, additional unscheduled payments, compounding period, and payment frequency. In some cases interest may be tax-deductable (for example…

Please use the free Vehicle Allowance Log Book Excel template that calculates automatically your tax-free benefit:

Tax-Free Motor Vehicle Allowances
As per the Income Tax Act, employers can reimburse employees or officers (corporation directors) for business-related travel expenses incurred while using their personal vehicle as a tax-free payment, if the motor vehicle allowance is considered reasonable. A motor vehicle allowance will be conside…

Download a free Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template to calculate the CRA instalment interest & instalment penalty

Interest and penalties on late taxes
If you have an outstanding tax balance for a given year and failed to file your Canadian income tax return by April 30th, the Canada Revenue Agency will begin to impose compound daily interest starting on May 1st of that year on any remaining owed amount. It is worth mentioning
In many cases, while working on your analysis you need to rank your dataset based on changing specific criteria. The below formula example allows you to rank a specific value within a dataset based on two criterias: the neighborhood and price per square foot of each specific property in the
Excel Tips and Tricks - Calculate the next period for your payment
MS Excel users often need to calculate a series of payments that occur at regular intervals based on specific dates. This spreadsheet can help Excel users calculate series of periodic payments based on dates, such as mortgage periods, pay periods, and more, for various frequencies including weekly,…

Download a free Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template for Cryptocurrency to
calculate your profit from cryptocurrency transactions

Cryptocurrency - Tax Implications explained
The following cryptocurrency are recognized as taxable assets in Canada: Bitcoin Ethereum Solana XRP The CRA recognizes that cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology which creates a permanent and indelible record of all transactions, reducing the need for financial institutions to verify tran…