Accounting and bookkeeping:

  • Recording, maintaining and updating financial transactions in the general ledger
  • Reconciling bank and credit card statements
  • Preparing financial statements and providing financial analysis and reporting
  • Tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Generating and submitting invoices
  • Payroll processing and tax compliance
  • Creating and maintaining budgets
  • Preparing and filing sales and use tax returns, government forms and reports
  • Providing financial advice and recommendations
  • Assisting with cash flow management and forecasting
  • Providing support for financial software and systems
  • Providing support for financial audits and internal controls

Tax related services

  • Preparing and filing federal and provincial income tax returns for individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, partnerships, limited partnerships, self-employed individuals and small business owners
  • Reviewing prior year returns for missed opportunities and filing for amended returns
  • Advising on GST and PST and payroll tax filings
  • Providing guidance on tax compliance for Canadian businesses
  • Offering advice on tax implications of stock market investments and other forms of capital gains
  • Offering guidance on tax implications of rental properties and investment income
  • Advising on tax implications of stock options of employee compensation
  • Assisting with tax planning and forecasting
  • Communicating with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on behalf of clients


  • Calculating and processing employee pay and deductions
  • Keeping accurate records of employee earning, taxes and deductions and benefits
  • Filing and remitting payroll taxes (CPP, EI) to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Generating and distributing T4 and T4A slips
  • Offering support for the calculation and filing of T2200 forms
  • Providing detailed payroll reports and analytics
  • Advising on the tax implications of taxable benefits and allowances
  • Managing and calculating retroactive pay adjustments, termination pay, severance pay
  • Managing and calculating overtime pay, statutory holiday pay, vacation and sick leave accruals, bonuses and commissions
  • Providing support for the calculation and filing of Record of Employment (ROE) forms.
  • Providing support for payroll audits and compliance

Analytical Services

  • Creating interactive dashboards and reports to share data and insights
  • Using Excel's built-in functions to analyze data
  • Building pivot tables and pivot charts to summarize and organize data
  • Creating charts and graphs to visualize data trends and patterns
  • Creating macros and scripts to automate data analysis tasks
  • Utilizing Excel's data validation and conditional formatting features to improve data accuracy and integrity
  • Using Excel's data connection features to import and export data from other sources
  • Creating data visualization templates and best practices for data visualization
  • Integration data visualization with other tools, such as Power BI
  • Creating visualizations for big data and data from multiple sources.